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3 Cheers Laser

Wine Box

Wine Box

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Your Friends Won't Stop Talking About This Wine Box


This is exactly what this wine box design screams. A humorous way of looking classy while looking cool. If you are a person of great wine test then this product is for you. It keeps your bottle well protected and removes the risk of damage if it falls.

  • Laser-cut and engraved wooden wine box
  • Comes in a light and a dark stain
  • Perfect gift for friends at a party or a home bar
  • Protects your wine bottles

Your Own Design

You got another clever idea like this one? Try putting your own unique message on the wine box. Think of anything you can to make this the most thoughtful gift you could have ever come up with

You Know You Want To

For every gathering, there are people who love to drink. This phrase is fitting for those who experienced that urge for a nice glass of wine. The design is beautifully crafted and looks as if it is a foreshadow of the exact emotions we think of when we look at a perfectly chilled wine bottle.

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