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Make Your Charcuterie Board Special

Engraved your name or someone you love on your perfectly rich mango charcuterie board. Beauty and deliciousness that will bring you and your family together

  • Mango Charcuterie Board
  • Personalize with your own name
  • Serves your meats, cheeses, fruits in a deliciously classy way.

Serve With Elegance

Perfect for your cheese and nurtured meats. The presentation is perfect for any occasion. It ties a room together and sets a party alight.

Make A Statement

Customize your beautifully crafted charcuterie board and make it truly your own. People will love the unique design and the pride it shows for your family.

Take Care Of Your Charcuterie Board

Apply a little bit of soap after every use and give it a nice wipe. Dry off using a towel and do not let the moisture sit on the mango wood.

Use kosher salt and lemon to get rid of bacteria or smelly fragrances. This keeps it sanitized and smelling fresh.

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